My Plushies Collection & Some of the Charac Goods

i haven't decided wheter or not should i buy Sakura Plush cuz to me, it's the least cute comparing to others plushies from Fate/Stay Night. and i'm gonna buy Sailor Uranus Plush some day lol now i need to save my money for Rozen Maiden traumend and Strawberry Panic! Charac goods that will be out soon. i hope Suigintou DX figure from Yujin would still be available when my sempai gets back to Japan, it costs more to buy the figure here from the shop. anyway, it'd be awesome to have Suigintou as my first figure <33
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it's all about Fate

YAY!! Dark Saber nuigurumi has been released <33
Dark Saber

i asked my sempai to send it to me XD hehe so there's only Sakura nuigurumi that's not in my collection. 
they sell Dark Saber plush $47USD on ebay! gosh! that makes me wanna sell anime stuff to make money too
i also want this set lol it's so cute <33333333
i don't know what materials it's made of tho

will be mine soon

they cost a bit more than 12,000 yen altogether (including Dark Saber & EMS shipping) i'm a character-goods lover esp. plushies >//< unfortunately i can't find Saber wristband anywhere (*cries) i want it so bad =/ 
next time i'll ask my sempai to send a couple of Fate figures lol omg i'm so broke!!!!

but it's worth to be broke yay!! XD

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Fanlisting Links

i'm putting links to all bssm fanlistings that i joined in my profile page. it's gonna take a while to finish the job cuz i have to change my info on the fanlistings too. then i'm gonna do Phonetics homework (which i totally have no idea what the subject is about..) omg it's NOT fun at all unlike Modern Drama, my fave subject of this semester <3 
i'm SO new to this livejournal thing lol
i even forgot to tell my friends that i have it!

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