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it's all about Fate

YAY!! Dark Saber nuigurumi has been released <33
Dark Saber

i asked my sempai to send it to me XD hehe so there's only Sakura nuigurumi that's not in my collection. 
they sell Dark Saber plush $47USD on ebay! gosh! that makes me wanna sell anime stuff to make money too
i also want this set lol it's so cute <33333333
i don't know what materials it's made of tho

will be mine soon

they cost a bit more than 12,000 yen altogether (including Dark Saber & EMS shipping) i'm a character-goods lover esp. plushies >//< unfortunately i can't find Saber wristband anywhere (*cries) i want it so bad =/ 
next time i'll ask my sempai to send a couple of Fate figures lol omg i'm so broke!!!!

but it's worth to be broke yay!! XD

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